Marble Castle Double Slide (Wet)
Marble Castle Double Slide (Wet)


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Actual Size: 14Wx37Lx15H

Outlets: 2 X 20 Amp Circuit


Introducing the Marble Castle Double Slide (Wet), the ultimate addition to your event! This magnificent inflatable slide is designed to provide hours of thrilling fun for kids and adults alike. Constructed with durable and premium-quality materials, the Marble Castle Double Slide (Wet) ensures long-lasting enjoyment. The vibrant and eye-catching marble-themed design adds a touch of elegance and excitement to any outdoor setting. Featuring not one, but two exhilarating slides, this water slide guarantees non-stop entertainment. Friends and family can race side by side, experiencing the rush of sliding down into a refreshing splash pool at the bottom. The dual lanes allow for friendly competitions and endless laughter. Safety is a top priority, and the Marble Castle Double Slide (Wet) doesn't disappoint. The slides are equipped with high side walls and safety netting, ensuring that riders stay securely on the slide at all times. The soft and cushioned landing pool provides a gentle and safe landing for a worry-free sliding experience. Versatility is key, and this water slide can be used wet or dry, making it suitable for all seasons. When used wet, simply connect a standard garden hose to the built-in sprinkler system and let the water cascades down the slides, creating an exhilarating water park experience.


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